When will alex next be cooking in cambridge?

Details of Alex's guest chef and pop-up nights will always be posted on his blog, as well as on his Twitter and Instagram.

Does alex do private dining?

Yes! Alex regularly cooks in people's homes to help them celebrate birthdays, special dinners and more – email Alex to start discussing the menu for your event.

why did Alex close the hole in the wall?

There was a combination of factors which led to the decision, but it boils down to two main ones: firstly, the lease came to an end – and secondly, after six years of award-winning cooking, Alex and his team were ready to move on to new projects. They all hope to cook together again very soon.


can alex speak/demo at my event?

More than likely! Alex regularly talks and runs cookery demonstrations at events and food festivals around the UK, and would be happy to discuss your project – get in touch here.

I'd really like to work with Alex – how do I reach him?

If you've not already tracked him down on Twitter or Instagram, you can chat with Alex via email here.